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Just For Kids Dental Your Child's First Visit

we love this place!

- Megan V.

We LOVE this place! My kids look forward to coming here and I am frequently asked “when do we get to go to the dentist?” Everyone is so great with the kids, there is almost never a wait. They are truly amazing at what they do! Definitely recommend them!

Compassion and Warmth

During their first visit, your child will enjoy a warm and compassionate experience with our kid-loving team of experienced clinicians.

Just For Kids Dental Patient Care
Dr. Armin Aliefendic Patient Care

Parent Involvement Encouraged

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to join their child in the treatment area.

Kid-friendly and Modern

Painless digital x-rays, take home bags, toys, games, tv screens, and other modern solutions ensure a positive and relaxed experience for your child.

Just For Kids Dental Patients Playing the Xbox
Dr. Emily Nitta Patient Care

Pediatric Expertise

Our team’s experience and specialized pediatric expertise offers a transparent and trusted diagnostic environment to help you understand your child’s oral health. We’ll answer all your questions and build a plan to set your child on the path to a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Patient Forms

Please fill out the following forms before your first visit.

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